Whether you’re a professional management company or an Airbnb host looking to make passive income, maximizing bookings revenue is likely top of mind.


We built CRB to address two problems we experienced as Airbnb hosts.


Problem #1

The algorithmic based pricing tools on the market drop your nightly rates to the lowest allowable rate too quickly.


Problem #2

You have no insight into how much revenue the properties you compete with for bookings are actually making—it’s tough to benchmark your own performance.

The Features 

Here’s how we address both problems to help you maximize bookings revenue.


Pricing comparisons for your most direct competitors

Each of your properties competes with a handful of similar properties for the majority of your bookings—those in the same neighborhood with comparable reviews, nightly rates, and amenities.

Identify up to 5 competitive properties to track for each of your own, or choose from AirBnB’s recommended similar listings.


Easily monitor your properties’ performance

Keep tabs on how your property is doing against the competition by tracking:

- Occupancy rates
- Average nightly rates
- New reservations
- Projected revenue

Monitor your property stats for the next 30, 60, or 90 days leveraging the data to:

- Secure more advanced reservations
- Get more bookings than the competition
- Optimize your nightly rates


Email alerts for new bookings

You’re busy—we get it. Our email alerts will notify you anytime you or your competitors get a new booking, showing you exactly how much bookings revenue each reservation brings in.

Try our pricing comparisons free for 14-days. 

Simply enter the number of your own properties that you’d like to track. No obligation or credit card required.