Our Story

Our team has a long history of managing rental properties. It all started when our Co-founder, Dimitris, began investing in rental properties back in the early 2000’s.

Before long he had a whole bunch of tenants. A whole bunch of maintenance requests. And his property management processes began to break down.

As a software developer, Dimitris built a product to help him manage his own properties - Buildium was born. Today more than 15,000 property management companies use Buildium to manage their rentals.


More recently, Dimitris began renting properties as AirBnB rentals in his hometown of Athens, Greece. He realized that pricing his properties appropriately - to both maximize his per night rates while also keeping his properties fully occupied - was largely a guessing game. In order to maximize his earnings, he needed more insight into what similar properties were charging so he could optimize his pricing.

Just like that, Compare Rental Bookings was born.

We’d love to help you host better and invite you to try our pricing comparisons free for 14 days.

-Dimitris, Dave, Geoff, & James